Protective gloves against mechanical risks

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If you work in an area where you have to handle sharp objects, dangerous equipment, heavy machinery, etc. that can cause traumatic injuries, then you must use the right type of gloves to protect your hands from abrasion,scuffs, cuts, scrapes, tears, punctures, etc.

Protective gloves against mechanical risks

KEYSTONE's unique and diverse protective gloves are made from high performance fibers(include Aramid, HPPE, high strength nylon, high performance polyester, glass, metal wire, etc.), which can offer a wide selection of light weight protective gloves with specific properties, such as excellent breaking&tearing strength, cut&abrasion resistance, flame resistance, heat resistance, etc. Our cut resistant gloves covering European standard EN388 (2016) cutting grade 2-4, American standard ANSI/ISEA 105 cutting grade A2-A9, ISO13997 B-F, etc, mainly divided into aramid series and HPPE series.

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When you are looking for the best protective gloves for different industries, try KEYSTONE products! We are a 22 years high performance textile manufacturer, source production factory, high-tech enterprise, providing one-stop service for personal protective equipment (PPE).

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