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Aramid flame retardant fiber is a permanent flame retardant fiber, with heat resistance, high strength, high abrasion, good softness, low shrinkage, stable chemical structure, combustion without melting drops, no poison gas and other advantages. The fabric weaved with aramid flame retardant fiber has good dimensional stability, can be used for a long time at the temperature of 250℃, and its thermal shrinkage is only 1%. Fiber softening temperature is 373℃, more than 400 ℃ before decomposition, decomposition of cloth thickening, fiber expansion, cloth surface 900-1300 ℃ insulation heat transfer without cracking.

Good mechanical properties

Meta aramid is a kind of flexible polymer, with higher breaking strength than ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., larger elongation, soft hand feel and good spinnability. It can be produced into staple fiber and filament with different sizes and lengths, and made into fabrics and non-woven fabrics with different yarn branches in general textile machinery. After finishing, it can meet the requirements of protective clothing in different fields.


Excellent flame retardant and heat resistance

Meta aramid has a limiting oxygen index (LOI) greater than 28, so it will not continue burning when it leaves the flame. The flame retardant properties of meta aramid are determined by its own chemical structure, so it is a permanent flame retardant fiber, which will not reduce or lose its flame retardant properties due to the use time and washing times. Meta aramid fiber has good thermal stability. It can be used continuously under the condition of 205℃, and can still maintain high strength under the high temperature condition of more than 205℃. Meta aramid has a high decomposition temperature, and will not melt and melt drop under high temperature conditions, when the temperature is greater than 370℃ began to carbonize.


Stable chemical properties

Meta aramid has excellent resistance to most chemical substances, can withstand most high concentration of inorganic acid, alkali resistance at room temperature.

Radiation resistance

The radiation resistance of meta aramid fiber is very excellent. For example, the intensity remained constant under the long-term irradiation of 1.2×10-2 w/in2 UV and 1.72×108rads γ rays.


Meta aramid has excellent friction resistance and chemical resistance. After 100 times of washing, the tearing strength of the fabric processed with meta aramid can still reach more than 85% of the original strength.

The temperature resistance of para aramid fiber is higher than that of meta aramid fiber. The temperature range of continuous use is -196 ℃ ~ 204 ℃, and it does not decompose and melt at 560℃.  The most significant characteristic of para aramid fiber is high strength, high modulus, its strength is more than 25 grams/denier, is 5 ~ 6 times of high quality steel, 3 times of glass fiber, high strength nylon industrial silk 2 times;  The modulus is 2 ~ 3 times of high quality steel or glass fiber, 10 times of high strength nylon industrial silk.


KEYSTONE Aramid ⅢA flame retardant fabric, containing 93% Meta-aramid, 5% Para-aramid and 2% Anti-static anti-static fiber, it does not melt when heated and does not drop. Because it is self-flame retardant fiber, industrial washing will not damage its flame retardant property, and it has high strength and excellent chemical resistance.

With a variety of specifications such as 4.5OZ, 5.5OZ,6.0OZ and 7.5OZ, it can be designed and produced according to customer requirements, and can also be combined with a variety of functions such as moisture absorption and perspiration, oil and water resistance to improve protection performance and comfort.

1. Permanent heat resistance and flame retardant, limit oxygen index Loi is greater than 28  

2. Permanent antistatic property  

3. permanent resistance to acid, alkali and organic solvent erosion  

4. high strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance  

5. in case of fire, no melting drops are produced, no toxic gas is produced  

6. the fire cloth surface thickens, enhances the sealing, does not break.

Application industry: Fire suit, oil refinery, petrochemical industry, forest fire suit, flight pilot suitetc.

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